Harri Tarkka

I'm an illustrator. I graduated as an architect in 1997. As a child one of my favorite ways of playing was drawing. I was influenced by animations, cartoons, and among others, encyclopedias. My playing often involved action and moving. Machines, devices, jumps, running, flying, explosions were all central elements to my play.

Today I depict scenes, stills of stopped action where movement is strongly present. The true nature of the figures, the cause of their activity as well as the subsequent action are the driving forces behind my art. Their stolidness is intentional. I think a lot about how to bring the true nature of the character out with the smallest of expressions or gestures; how to turn them into living, reactive beings.

I start by sketching with a pencil. My technique involves drafting an initial painting at a small size and then processing and painting them digitally. The final artwork is hand-painted, often with acrylics, with highlights and fades.

I give my sculptures their shape by carving, which I've done since I was a child.